One of my distinct pleasures at the Cannabis Cup is announcing the winners from the stage and handing over their awards. In 2004, a relatively unknown strain from the UK called Cheese took 3rd place in the People's Cup for Homegrown Fantasy coffeeshop.

We all met Milo (aka Big Buddha), the man behind the Cheese, and I distinctly remember him proudly stating that he'd only just begun and that we were all going to thrive in the coming years – both he and HIGH TIMES.

The next year, I chose Cheese as one of our Top Ten Strains of 2005. Then, in 2006, Big Buddha Cheese shocked the cannabis world, taking 1st place in the Seed Company Indica category – a prestigious award going to a company that was still relatively unknown.

Onstage that year, as I handed Milo his Cup, he gave me a big hug and reminded me, “Remember what I told you mate! We're going to the top!”

It's unforgettable moments like that that make the Cannabis Cup experience so special.

So please come and join us in Amsterdam this November 24-28 for what I like to call Marijuana Fantasy Camp. You can buy your judge's pass below. In the meantime, check out this excerpt on Big Buddha Cheese from my book, The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains. Hope to see you in Holland!

Cheese (a.k.a. Big Buddha Cheese) – Big Buddha Seeds

3rd Place 2004 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup People’s Cup
HIGH TIMES Top Ten Strain 2005
1st Place 2006 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Indica

This strain made a big stink at the 2004 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup by placing third in the People’s Cup with virtually no promotion or hype. Breeder Big Buddha crossed the original British-grown clone-only Cheese mother with a solid and pure Afghan father. He then specially selected their progeny for taste, high and yield and using selective backcrossing for two years was able to refine this pungent selection from the UK into a true cannabis contender.

Big Buddha recommends growing Cheese in soilless mix with coco, worm castings and bat guano to bring out all the pungent and funky flavors. Hash made from Cheese tends to retain much of the strains unique taste and odor as well. The tight and dense nuggets store well also making them perfect for a real long-term cure.

Lineage: Afghani x Original UK Cheese backcross
Indoor flowering time: 7 to 9 weeks
Contact: Big Buddha Seeds,