Debby Goldsberry, co-founder of Berkeley Patients Group and United Cannabis Collective, was named the HIGH TIMES Freedom Fighter of the Year at the 24th Cannabis Cup in 2011. Debby is one of the most prominent activists fighting for marijuana law reform in America, but she was inspired by tolerant pot policy in Amsterdam. We asked her to share some of her Cannabis Cup memories. Here's what she had to say:

My first Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was the 7th annual, and it opened my mind to the possibilities of legalizing cannabis at home here in the US.

I was blown away by the amazing strains, the exotic hash and the innovative cannabis technology. And, it was so fun meeting other stoners from all around the globe.

Since then, I have attended around thirteen Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam, and will keep going back for more. Simply put, there is no better party on the planet. The Dutch cannabis scene is inspiring!

The 26th Cannabis Cup will take place this November 24-28. Join HIGH TIMES in Amsterdam as we name the Freedom Fighter of the Year for 2014. Get your judge’s pass today!