Unlike our Cannabis Cups held in the US, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup truly provides those who make the trip with an authentic judging experience. Stateside, attendees are able to sample the entries submitted by the regional dispensaries in the Cannabis Cup competition. However, they don’t vote. Instead, panels of industry experts, with legal accreditation to use cannabis, determine the quality of cannabis products.

But in Amsterdam it’s a different story. Due to the tolerant attitudes of the Dutch, the world is free to sample the fruits of the city’s cannabis scene. At the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, coffeeshops enter their top samples of buds and hashish in the competition. Then, judges engage in what’s known as the “coffeeshop crawl” where they hike into the high country. During the last two days of the Cannabis Ciup Expo, judges are then able to vote for the best Neder (Dutch) hash, best imported hash, and, of course, the top strain they sampled at those coffeeshops. As in all of our American Cups, all judges vote for best product and bestv booth of the Expo, as well as best glass smokeware.

If there’s a better place to be during Thanksgiving week than soaking up the ambience of a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, we haven’t found it. Of course, we’re not looking that hard either. We’re perfectly cool being high in this Old World city, brimming with history and home to the some of the best cannabis in the world. We’re looking forward to seeing you there in November!

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