Q: Please give me some tips like how much money to bring and where to go.

A: Amsterdam is an expensive city. Prepare for rain. When you arrive at the airport, don't take a taxi, but take the train downstairs—it runs every 15 minutes to Central Station and it's cheap. We recommend booking a room at the Quentin Hotel. After you arrive, rent a bicycle with a good lock and use it as your primary transportation. Cannabis in Amsterdam costs about 1/2 what it costs in the USA, and you'll probably want to purchase some samples every day. Make sure you attend the Opening Ceremonies on November 21, at 4:20 PM. This is where you will be given info regarding the best cannabis.

Q: I am writing because my husband and I are planning on buying judges passes to the Cup. Where are most of the Cup activities happening? We plan on attending almost all of the Cup festivities and would like to be close to the events.

A: The event is held in the Melkweg, the most famous nightclub in Amsterdam. The club is located on the Leidesplein. Traditionally, two nearby hotels have been favorites of the judges: The Quentin and the American. (The American is more expensive.) However, there are many hotels on the Leidesplein, including:
Hotel la Boheme Amsterdam, Hotel de la Haye, Hotel Groenhof, Hotel Europa 92,
Vondel Hotel, Hotel Titus, Hotel de Lantaerne, Hotel Golden Tulip.

Q: Does my judges pass mean I can smoke all the entries? Does being a judge mean you get to test the product free?

A: You get some free, but you also have to be prepared to buy some.

Q: If my boyfriend comes with me, and he is not into pot as much as me, could he buy a visitors pass and just hang out with me without judging?

A: Yes, but he will not be able to attend the Opening Ceremonies or the Awards Show or the nightly performances in the Judges Lounge.

Q: Is it easy to get arrested there, and if so, is it easy to get out with bail?

A: Arrests are rare for using cannabis. However, hard drugs are a different story.

Q: Could you please give me info on picking up the pass on the 19th?

A: The location for early registration will be announced on the website a few weeks before the event.

Q: I seem to have misplaced the reference numbers I was given when I bought a pass online.

A: Contact templedragon@earthlink.net

Q: I've gone online to see what previous Cup attendees thought about their experience, and I'm coming across some negativity. Why do the passes cost $200?

A: The Cup is the oldest and most famous harvest festival, but others have started their own imitation festivals over the past decade, and some people running other festivals create negative campaigns against the Cannabis Cup in an attempt to divert people to their festivals. We have people that come every year to the Cup, over and over. Do you think they would be coming back over and over again if they felt it wasn't a good deal? The pass includes five days and nights of activities. Other harvest festivals last one day. This amounts to $40 per day and includes an event t-shirt, program guide and coffeeshop boat tour, as well as the right to vote in the world's most prestigious cannabis festival.

Q: Who is being inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame this year?

A: Stephen Gaskin is being inducted. Stephen is the founder of The Farm in Summertown, TN, the most successful counterculture community in America. In 1980, Gaskin was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in Switzerland, the alternative Nobel Prize. He was a principle figure in the Summer of Love counterculture explosion in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in 1967, and was the source for the Grateful Dead song: "St. Stephen."

Q: Can my band play the Cannabis Cup?

A: Only a handful of bands appear at the Cup compared with the requests we receive. If your band wants to play the Cup you must contact phoenix420@hightimes.com.

Q: Do I have to arrive on the 21st to participate?

A: No, you can come sooner or later and still participate fully in the event. Program guides and laminants are available a few days before the Opening Ceremonies on the 21st. On the 21st, three finalists are announced for the Cannabis Cup competition. and those three coffeeshops will likely be swarmed until the end of the event.