Every year at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam the companies who host booths at the weeklong Expo outdo themselves in their attempts to impress judges. Super-size vapor bags are the norm at most booths but two years ago, the Green House coffeeshop took things a few sizes bigger, floating a mammoth vapor balloon at the Expo allowing hordes of attendees to sample their entry, Hawaiian Snow.

But perhaps no company can equal the deeds of T.H.Seeds. For years, T.H.Seeds has gone to great lengths to promote their brand, mounting raucous, stoner-themed fashion shows to showcase its Hoodlamb line of clothing. But in 2005, seeking to promote their strain entry at the 18th Cup, T.H.Seeds converted a leaf-blower into a gasoline-powered, super-pipe. Really!

Adam Dunn, one of T.H.Seeds' top dudes, loaded the giant bowl on the top of the blower with a quarter-pound of Kushage – their entry which took third place in the sativa category. Then he lit the buds, and flipped the switch. The result was a high-powered surge of smoke that suffused the room in a matter of seconds. Naturally, judges took turns stepping in front of the smoke stream to inhale huge hits.

Every year at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup something highly wonderful happens. Come to the 26th Cannabis Cup in November and treat yourself to a bowl of memories.

Check out photos of the legendary leaf-blower below and visit cannabiscup.com!

Adam Dunn fills the bowl of the leaf-blower with a quarter-pound of Kushage.

The big bowl is lit. A flame flares momentarily prior to turning on the power.

Gentlemen, start your engines!


Which is better? Rubber turkey at Thanksgiving or a high-handed smack in the face?

Now we know what the philosopher Kahil Gibran meant when he wrote: "For what is it to die, but to stand in the sun and melt into the wind."