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Canada: Easier Pot Punishments Are Coming

There is strong speculation that the Harper government is seriously considering the reduction of Canada’s marijuana penalties.

A recent report in the Toronto Sun indicates that a proposal set in motion over the summer by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which is aimed at giving officers the option of issuing fines for marijuana offenses rather than pursue criminal charges, still has the attention of the government.

Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay says the changes will assist in creating a more modernized society in regards to the country’s marijuana laws.

“That doesn’t mean decriminalizing or legalizing, but it does mean giving police officers options when issuing fines,” he said. “These are things that we are willing to look at in the new year, but there’s been no decision taken.”

The proposal was approved by the CACP over the summer because, according to the association’s President Jim Chu, the pursuit of criminal charges for marijuana-related offenses is a waste of time for both law enforcement and the judicial system. He says that most weed offenses can be settled by issuing a simple citation.

In August, Prime Minister Stephen Harper admitted that the administration was deliberating on the issue “very carefully,” but no noteworthy progress had been reported since. Word on the street is that the heat being applied by the Liberal Party may be enough to get the conservatives to shift gears and finally adjust their position on marijuana.

Recent surveys indicate that the majority of Canadian voters are against prohibition, siding with the liberals in their support for the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana.

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Mike Adams

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