Just as owning a body of Friedrich Nietzsche’s work will not magically transform a reader into a wise philosopher, simply possessing a book by HIGH TIMES’ old friend Ed Rosenthal cannot provide a shield against the long and pesky hand of the law.

However, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics recently decided to use the outfit’s Facebook page to poke fun at an arrest they made several years ago in which officers found a copy of Rosenthal’s book “Don’t Get Busted” in the vehicle of a person they nailed for trafficking marijuana.

Now, while we must admit the irony surrounding this incident is definitely one for the funny papers, we do feel that it is important to point out that Rosenthal’s words in this volume of Ask Ed are only meant to be expert advice for how to “minimalize the chance of arrest for marijuana possession or use,” not a bulletproof vest.

The nature of drug trafficking is one full of complexities and danger, where a single mistake can land you prison for life or leave you headless in the village square. It is for that reason there are no credible literary guides available at your local bookstore for how to run a successful drug trafficking operation, and the reason why American defense attorneys can get away with charging high-dollar retainers that greatly exceed the price of a 200-page book. After all, avoiding prosecution in this country isn’t cheap.

Interestingly, when Tulsa’s KRMG contacted the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics earlier this week to discuss the story surrounding their latest Facebook post, a spokesman used the random media opportunity to discuss concerns about legal marijuana in Colorado and how it was leading to an increase in pot trafficking. "We are seeing large shipments of Colorado marijuana now coming through Oklahoma, heading back to the east coast for sale," said Mark Woodard, with the OBN. "It's only going to increase now that states like Oklahoma have legalized marijuana.”

Wait… when did Oklahoma legalize marijuana? We are well aware of the petition introduced by Oklahomans for Health, which is currently working to legalizing medical marijuana across the state, but unless the ganja gods swopped down within the past few days and made changes to the state’s strict policy, Mr. Woodward has, in our opinion, forfeited any credibility he may have had on the subject of legal marijuana and its scourge on America.

Considering the source, we cannot even be sure that the OBN’s Facebook post involving Rosenthal’s book stemmed from an actual arrest.

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in HIGH TIMES, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.