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Let me start off by saying I was lucky, really lucky. I was in Humboldt County which has lax cannabis laws, an embattled pro-Pot District Attorney, and in my possession a "215", a medical marijuana license,  which rendered me virtually untouchable. I was walking thru the plaza square admiring my new, never-before-used pipe when I was approached by this regular lookin guy who said "Cool Pipe" and wanted to know if it was made of phantom glass. I replied that it was and that I was gonna take it home and smoke it, when he replied "how big of a bowl can fit in there?" I said I didn't know and proceeded to pack it when all of a sudden two uniformed cops approached me and cuffed me. I showed them my "215" and they replied "Give that to your attorney at the station." I get there and I call the local law office that was recommended by the doctor on the back of the 215. The attorney shows up, has me released, and the case is still pending, much to my delight!