In January of 2007, longtime HIGH TIMES contributor, Jon Gettman, declared marijuana to be America’s largest cash crop – larger even than corn. Now, CNBC takes a look inside the business of marijuana in a new investigation, Marijuana Inc.: Inside America’s Pot Industry.


CNBC explores the issue of marijuana in Northern California – an integral part of the economy for some, scary devil plant that ruins lives for others. While there are plenty of concerned citizens and red-faced law enforcement officers (including an appearance by everybody’s favorite fear-monger, drug czar John Walters), Marijuana Inc. also features growers, smugglers and activists, including Richard Lee. Additionally, Marijuana Inc. offers an inside look at impressive gardens and grow-ops, Oakland’s medical marijuana dispensaries and even America’s first pot college, Oaksterdam University.


CNBC’s Marijuana Inc.: Inside America’s Pot Industry premieres Thursday, January 22, at 9pm and re-airs Sunday, January 25 at 10pm ET.


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