November 4, 2004 – There are literally hundreds of magazines that cover politics, art, music and popular culture, but for three decades HIGH TIMES has been the only voice consistently dedicated to serving the marijuana masses. Now headed by a new editorial team, HIGH TIMES returns to its roots with the January '05 "Buds are Back" issue.

Living up to its name, the issue, on newsstands November 16, features 30 pages of pot photos, tips for building a $500 growroom, a survival guide to the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup (Nov. 21-25 in Amsterdam), blazing-hot pictures of platinum-selling pop-rockers Maroon 5 showing off their stash, Jorge Cervantes’ Rx cultivation column and a consumer guide to New York City’s weed delivery services.

Upcoming issues of HIGH TIMES will include exclusive interviews with Snoop Dogg and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland, the annual hydroponics report, a tribute to Bob Marley at 60, the Cannabis Cup special, a jail-house interview with the Black Tuna (America’s longest serving marijuana prisoner), a visit to the DEA museum in Times Square and much more—all with the relevance and irreverence that only HIGH TIMES can provide.

The Buds are Back in HIGH TIMES! Now pass it along.


HIGH TIMES is now headed by a triumvirate of editors:

Formerly editor-in-chief of HIGH TIMES’ Grow America and senior editor of HIGH TIMES, Steve Bloom joined HIGH TIMES as news editor in 1988. He is executive producer of the HIGH TIMES Stony Awards (for movies and television) and Doobie Awards (for music) and of the benefit albums, Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML and Hempilation 2: Free the Weed. Bloom is the author of two books: Video Invaders (Arco, 1982), the first comprehensive history of the video game industry; and Watch Out for the Little Guys (St, Martin’s, 1989), a portrait of basketball’s shortest players. In April 2004, he was given the Media & Culture Award by NORML.

David Bienenstock writes frequently about drugs, music, politics and culture. Prior to HIGH TIMES, he was an editor with Penthouse, and contributed to Salon, Wall of Sound and other fine publications. In 1999, he co-founded 2Ball Productions ( in New York City, producing and directing two independent documentary films: Don’t Show Pink (set at a low-rent stripper contest in Dallas) and Focus on the Dust (chronicling the life and work of porn auteur Joe Gallant). He is also the creator of Dick Cheney, Bloggin in a Bunker: Daily Dispatches from the Undisclosed Location, a satirical weblog ( ostensibly written by our Vice President.

Richard Cusick was associate editor of Gauntlet. In 1997-1998, his weekly “Pot Page” column appeared in The Aquarian Weekly. In addition, his articles have been published Goldmine, Gadfly, Smug, Tattoo, HIGH TIMES Grow America and HIGH TIMES. In the ’80s, Cusick was VP of operations for the ICI Mortgage Corporation. He owned and operated Wooga Central, an indie comic book company, where he wrote and designed the signature title, Something Different. He was ad director of The Aquarian Weekly, Smug and, most recently, HIGH TIMES from 2000 to 2003 and HIGH TIMES Grow America in 2004.