Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota resigned August 25 in the midst of a diplomatic scandal concerning a Bolivian opposition figure who accused the Evo Morales government of narco-corruption.

Bolivian senator Roger Pinto had been holed up in the Brazilian embassy in La Paz for more than a year after he was charged with corruption-related charges. He claimed the charges against him were retaliation for blowing the whistle on a Bolivian cabinet minister's meetings with a Brazilian drug lord.

Pinto on August 25 turned up in Brasília, having secretly fled Bolivia in a Brazilian diplomatic car, protected by a detachment of Brazilian soldiers. According to Brazilian media, President Dilma Rousseff's government did not know of the operation and considered it a "disaster."

Pinto on September 3 said that he would decline requests to testify before Brazil's congress on the affair.

We will report more as the situation develops.