The drug cartels are either experimenting with innovative drug smuggling tactics, or testing the waters of citrus-infused marijuana on the back market.

Regardless of their intentions US Border Patrol agents recently seized $3 million worth of marijuana concealed in buckets of frozen mango pulp during a bust that went down in South Texas.

According to reports, it was a drug–sniffing dog that forced authorities to thoroughly search a suspicious tractor-trailer earlier this week at an immigration checkpoint in Falfurrias.

What they uncovered was a heavy shipment of what is unofficially being deemed as “mangojuana” -- 3,800 pounds of Mexican Maui Wowie packed inside one-gallon containers of frozen mango pulp.

Agents were reportedly forced to thaw the pulp before being able to extract it from the “sticky goop” and confirm the exact nature of the substance.

Unfortunately, the mangojuana seizure was not the only substantial bust made this week by the Rio Grande Border Patrol. Since Sunday, agents have taken control of over 7,500 pounds of marijuana -- valued at an estimated $6 million.

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