I feel comfortable calling Bob Dylan one of the most influential musicians and songwriters…ever. And apparently while the French government agrees, for years they have been denying Dylan an honor he deserves and has deserved for many years. 

Members of the French government -- namely Grand Chancellor of the Legion Jean-Louis Georgelin -- have unjustly blocked the singer-songwriter from the Legion d'Honneur for his outspoken use of pot, but it seems Dylan has met someone willing to champion his cause in France's Minister of Culture, Aurelie Filippetti.

Established by Napolean on May 19th, 1802, the Legion d'Honneur is the highest decoration in France for those who have served the "Fatherland" in some way. Given to few foreigners since its inception, Bob Dylan will join a select group (one of whom is Paul McCartney who was inducted in 2012) to ever receive the honor.

Grand Chancellor Georgelin reportedly reviewed the case again this year and found Dylan a man who lived a “chaotic life," but "who is recognized in his own country and throughout the world as a major singer and a great poet."

The folk hero will receive his status of Legion d'Honneur on Wednesday as he is in town performing three nights of music in Paris this week. Be sure to raise a blunt in Dylan's honor this week. You deserve this one Bob!

I would not feel so all alone/ Everybody must get stoned! - "Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35"