A new bill introduced in the Colorado Senate Health and Human Services Committee last Thursday seeks to circumvent the state's 2012 legalization of recreational marijuana by making it a crime to use or possess pot in front of minors. 

Senate Bill 278 would make it a crime for any parent/caregiver to use or possess any illegal drug in front of kids and would legally define a "drug-endangered child" in the context of "child abuse and neglect." Despite medical and recreational pot both being legal according to state law, SB 278 relies on the federal Controlled Substances Act that criminalizes all marijuana use. 

Although sponsors of SB 278 claim the bill's intent is to create uniformity between police, child welfare services, and other agencies, it appears to be an underhanded attempt at restricting Amendment 64. 

Colorado presently ranks second in the US for prescription drug abuse. Yet Colorado politicians seem content with ignoring the real problem while defying the will of the people by going after legal pot in this manner.

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