This grower used to harvest 10 ounces every three months from his 3' x 3' x 6' growroom. Now he pulls almost two pounds every 60 days. Here he explains how he tripled the output of his limited location.

Story & photos by MoRbiD

Because of my space limitations, I used to grow only four plants in my 3’ x 3’ grow space. I’d vegetate them for four weeks and then switch the lighting schedule to a 12-hour-on/12-hour-off light cycle to induce flowering. This method would yield anywhere from 1 to 3 ounces per plant, depending on the strain. The quality was always great, but the three-month wait for my herbs became unbearable.

Since then, I’ve tried something different. I now grow 25 plants in the same space, and not only have I increased my yield, but I’ve lowered the time it takes for me to harvest. With this Sea of Green–style method, I start out with 25 well-rooted and healthy clones of my favorite strain (Gumboldt, a local California strain known for its high yield, vigor, exquisite taste and potency). I place them in 6-inch Dixie Cups and veg them for only five days. This short veg time still allows the roots to develop into the soil mix, which helps to increase the yield in the end—bigger roots produce bigger buds. The health and quality of the clones is of paramount importance. Poor clones are difficult to coax along and can take up to twice as long to grow as healthy ones.