Story by Steve Bloom
Photo by Ashley Maile

It’s not cool to like Nickelback, but I don’t care. I’m heading to Atlantic City in a stretch limo with Kyle Kushman and a few other friends to see them perform at the brand new Borgata Hotel on none other than Halloween. Listening to the lyrics to the band’s third album, The Long Road, on the ride down I focus on the last track, "See You at the Show," with it’s High Times-friendly sentiment, "Light it up and burn it down."

You see, in 2002, I went to a Nickelback show in New York as the band’s second album, Silver Side Up, was hitting stride, with the single "How You Remind Me" beginning its climb up the charts; it would go on to become the "most played song" of ’02. During the show, I noticed that drummer Ryan Vikedal’s kick drum was adorned with a pot leaf. For the encore, lead singer Chad Kroeger came back out wearing a pot-leaf emblazoned t-shirt; the crowd roared with approval. It wasn’t quite the large pot leaf on a banner the Black Crowes used to drop during their shows in the early ’90s, but it certainly registered.

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