Well, it was beginning to look a lot like a Cannabis Christmas, that is, until the dreaded Ganja Grinch swooped in and ruined it for an Australian woman just trying to spread some holiday cheer.

Earlier this week, Northern Territory Police say they were called out to the town of Katherine in order to serve and execute a search warrant at the home of a 44-year-old woman whose name has not been disclosed.

During the search, officers discovered a package underneath the tree containing more than 14 ounces of merry-maui-wowie that the now not-so-jolly Cannabis Claus explained was intended to be handed out as Christmas gifts for her family.

That beats tube socks and fruitcake!

Apparently, Aussie police do not understand the meaning of the holiday spirit, good will towards your fellow man, or hell, just common decency, because not only did they seize the woman’s weed, but they also put her on their naughty list.

"She was arrested and charged with possession and supply of a trafficable quantity of cannabis," said Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgenson. "She was bailed out and will appear in court, funnily enough, just before Christmas. In the meantime, she will have to do a bit more Christmas shopping."

All we have to say to cops that get off on ruining the High Holidays is, well, Bah Humbud!