B-Real of Cypress Hill didn’t just perform at the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup: He also came with his own original invention -- glass filter tips -- that were entered into the best product competition by Roor. A few minutes before taking the stage to perform at the Melkweg, B-Real sat down to discuss his invention and his favorite strains.

 So what was your inspiration for glass filter tips?
This thing spawned from an idea when I was here a couple years ago, sitting at the Green House, smoking a regular spliff with the traditional cardboard tip at the end. And I thought to myself: “Why hasn’t anyone done a glass reusable tip?”

There’s a lot of upside to it. They’re called the Funky Field Tips – my idea, but Roor made the idea manifest. You can use them in joints, blunts and spliffs...just put them in regular bong solution, warm water, or alcohol and salt, and they wash right off. There’s the flat head, which a lot of girls like, and there’s the round head, which is good for blunts for the East Coast smokers. Traditionalists will stay with paper, but new smokers would enjoy this. It allows you to smoke all your herb – no herb gets into your mouth, no resin on the fingers or lips or whatever. And you can take them anywhere.

Beer tastes better with glass than plastic. And who wants to drink beer out of a paper cup?
Exactly. It’s an idea I’ve had for a while, and it took a couple years to get it going. Old-school smokers get stuck in their certain ways; they don’t like to try new things. But this is definitely something that, if you tried it consistently a couple days a week, you wouldn’t want to smoke your joint any other way.

You’ve been to Amsterdam a lot?
Oh, yeah -- I call this the third home of Cypress Hill because we’ve been here so many times, man. I think we first came here in ’93, ’94, somewhere around that time, and we’ve made our way here so many times since. We didn’t tour Europe until our second album came out, and it created a lot of hype around us. Then we made it a point to tour here a lot -- they were more excited about hip-hop here than back in the States, and we built a strong foundation of fans in Amsterdam. This was like the home of pot culture, so we felt we had to make a connection here. And we feel more comfortable here than any other place in Europe – even when we don’t have shows here, we’ll come for our days off and then go back to the grind.

Do you have a favorite strain?
Back home, the strain we smoke is OG Kush; it’s a staple in Southern California. In New York City, there’s the Sour Diesel -- that’s a favorite. But in Amsterdam, I like all the Hazes.

Seems like the younger generation likes Kush more than Haze.
I will still go for the OG, because it’s what I smoke back home. I always like to see somebody’s version of it...but I have it so much back home that you also want something different.