Arizona is growing suspicious of a handful of doctors responsible for prescribing the majority of the medical marijuana throughout the state, and officials say they fully intend to impose a crackdown to put them out of business.

According to a recent report from the Arizona Department of Health Services, there are 21 registered physicians accountable for writing the majority of the medical marijuana recommendations across the state.

Will Humble, director of the state Department of Health Services, says that some of the statistics in the latest report has him concerned that there are a growing number of medical marijuana recipients in Arizona receiving recommendations for the drug without a justifiable medical issue to support their need for the reefer.

Statistics show that out of Arizona’s 27,000 licensed physicians, 472 of them were responsible for certifying nearly 36,350 patients from July 2012 to June 2013. In addition, 99 naturopaths, which are those doctors that practice both traditional and natural medicine, certified nearly 27,280 patients.

However, the majority of concern stems from the fact that 21 of those naturopaths approved 72% of the state’s medicinal marijuana recommendations. This makes Humble believe that many patients are bypassing their primary care physician and seeking out “certification mills” as a means to fulfill their desire for medical marijuana.

“It’s a problem that all the states (where medical marijuana is allowed) face: Just a handful of physicians write the certifications,” said Humble.

Humble adds that he believes it is important for patients to consult with their primary care physicians about receiving a medical marijuana recommendation, and not just sniff out some quack willing to write a script.

Yet, many doctors say they are apprehensive to even discuss medical marijuana with their patients due to it still being illegal under federal law.

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