Kevin Sabet, the nation’s leading anti-marijuana legalization voice and head of Project SAM, an organization dedicated to promoting a kinder and gentler drug war, held an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on the popular social network Reddit on Monday. Among the interesting bits of rhetoric was something we’ve not heard from him before: opposition to cannabis vaporization for medical users.

A reader asked Sabet his opinion of the recently passed Connecticut medical marijuana regulations and what did Sabet feel were the most important points a medical marijuana law should include. Sabet’s answer was, “Keep it for cancer, MS, AIDS and epileptic patients only. And have it be non-smoked. No need to smoke, vape or eat it.”

Ignore for a moment that eating cannabis is a non-smoked form. This marks the first time we’ve seen Sabet oppose the vaporization of cannabis. Sabet’s opposition to smoked marijuana can be found throughout his writing and within the pages of the Project SAM website he leads. Indeed, the American Medical Association and other medical groups have long opposed the smoking of medical cannabis, as introducing hot smoke into the lungs does cause some harm. This is why many medical cannabis doctors promote the vaporization of cannabis and its extracts, which heats the cannabinoids to a lower temperature that does not cause combustion of the plant material. This allows the patient to inhale medicine with less heat.

Note also that in this answer, Sabet seems to approve of medical marijuana laws for cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and epilepsy, just so long as nobody is using cannabis in its raw-plant form. Sabet and the rehabitionists have a wiggly tightrope to walk now that mainstream America has met that little epileptic girl, Charlotte Figi, in the Dr. Sanjay Gupta “Weed” documentary. Sabet can’t afford to be unsympathetic to the remarkable recovery of a little girl when so much of his propaganda is based on protecting the children, so he hypes the fact she’s using a CBD-rich extract that causes no “high,” hoping you’ll forget he supports the arrest and jailing of the brothers growing her Charlotte’s Web CBD-rich plants.

The longer you follow Sabet and the rehabitionists, the more you discover their strategy is to forestall the use of raw-plant cannabis in favor of compounds and extracts of cannabis that can be patented, marked-up and sold at profit. The reality is that it’s the paradigm of medicine for profit Sabet is fighting to protect.