Amsterdam can be a very dangerous place. Good decision making and judgment are usually replaced with large doses of cannabis and booze. Here are a few examples of people leaving it all out there on the streets of Amsterdam.

1) Stay on your feet:
He went outside to get a little fresh air and he decided to take a nap instead.

2) Stay on your bike:
Sometimes the road looks perfectly straight. It's the one you don't see coming that does the most damage.

3) Too high to cross your legs is too high to be in public:
This guy is just trying to look normal as the world is passing by. "Maybe if I cross my legs, I will be a little less high."

4) Yeah, don't ever do this either:
This looks like a blast, but it ends in a pretty bad night for some poor bloke. "Canal" is a polite term for "open sewer." (Stick around until 4:20 for the big splash)

5) That looks like a bit more than 5 grams:
Count the plants as they come down - slightly over the legal limit, it looks like.

6) Have a meaningful conversation with yourself:
That's your own reflection, dude. Are you going to let yourself talk to yourself like that?

7) Hold it together, man:
Take a deep breath and spit it out. I bet you are laughing because you forgot what you were laughing at. Isn't that hilarious?


All these wild adventures and more could be yours - come to the Cannabis Cup and get a little euro-wild.