In 2010, hip-hop artist Kid Cudi traveled over with us to Amsterdam to perform at our 23rd Annual High Times Cannabis Cup. In fact, he even brought over his buddy A-Lister actor Shia LaBeouf who filmed Cudi's performance (and some backstage antics as well) for the video to "Marijuana." Having gotten to know Cudi a little bit back home in NYC, we were all amped for an intense performance and he didn't disappoint.

The dressing room backstage at the Melkweg was packed to capacity. Arjan from the Green House and Derry from Barney's coffeeshops brought their finest buds and hash and some serious sampling was taking place. I'll never forget Cudi introducing me to his friend "Shia" and then looking up and realizing it was the dude from Transformers hanging out with us behind the video camera. I think you can can see some of the mayhem of the trip and performance in Shia's video below.

Needless to say, when Cudi hit the Melkweg stage, the whole place went nuts! Joints were thrown to the crowd throughout the performance. For the finale, Cudi played his #1 hit at the time "Day 'n' Night" while handing out buds to his audience from his personal stash jar. It was truly a night to remember and those who were there will never forget it, hazy though the memories may be... 

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