Last night, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game was played at Citi Field in New York City. The annual mid-season classic makes a big show of promoting our nation’s "national pastime" and traditional family values.

No surprise that MLB’s policy regarding marijuana use by players is particularly harsh. Toking up can earn players massive suspensions and fines, far beyond what the legal system mandates. Furthermore, MLB does not recognize legal, recreational marijuana in Colorado or Washington and refuses to alter its drug policy.

But that doesn’t stop the Lords of Baseball from taking millions in advertising dollars from pot-themed entertainment. Throughout last night’s game, ads for We’re the Millers, the new Jason Sudeikis/Jennifer Aniston comedy which opens August 7th, ran in commercial slots.

The movie’s plot? A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico. In one of the ads, an extended gag with an actual wrapped bale of bud is featured. This isn’t the first time MLB has gone down this road. At the 2008 All-Star game, trailers from the pot-saturated Pineapple Express ran incessantly.

So why would MLB take these ads? Probably because advertisers know that MLB's audience consists of young people who probably enjoy pot humor and have a familiarity with pot culture. Or maybe it’s because the annual All-Star Game is so boring that the corporate dudes just figured that anyone watching would have to be high!

Or drunk. MLB is awash in money from beer advertising. Either way, in the business of Major League Baseball, money bats clean-up.