(July 14, 2005) — There may be a fourth Democratic candidate in the September primary for Rochester mayor: Candidate Chris Maj says he will file enough petitions today to get on the ballot.

Maj, a liberal first-time candidate who wants to legalize marijuana and prostitution, said he expected to file before today's deadline the necessary 1,000 petition signatures.

His petition is certain to be challenged by other candidates to determine its validity, and the 26-year-old Maj said he expects as much.

If his petitions hold up, he would join Democrats Tim Mains, Wade Norwood and Robert Duffy on the primary ballot. They all filed petitions this week and are expected to have enough to qualify.

The winner of the primary would face Republican John Parrinello in the November election. He also filed petition signatures this week.

According to petition filings this week at the Monroe County Board of Elections, there may be a series of other Democratic and Republican primaries in the city and suburbs.

Candidates were required by today's deadline to file a certain number of signatures from voters, depending on the office.Candidates often challenge their opponents' petitions. Then it's up to the elections board or sometimes the courts to decide whether a candidate can appear on the ballot.

For now, it appears Democrats may have three primaries for county legislative seats in Brighton, northeast Rochester and southwest Rochester and primaries for city court judge, Rochester school board and City Council.

Republicans, meanwhile, may have a primary for a county legislative seat in northwest Rochester; for Clarkson town council; for Hamlin supervisor, council and highway superintendent; for Penfield council; and for Riga supervisor and town council.