Here's a couple of tid-bits from a great site on Tumblr. Have some we didn't think of? Write them in the comments!

Who's got the water? Oh noooooo!

No worries, bathroom water is fine.

Wait! What time is it?

You asked that 30 seconds ago.

Man, are you okay?

Or are you turning to dragon.

Baby, you are HOT!

No, seriously. Your hair is on fire.

Come on buddy!

It's puff, puff, pass...not lickety, lickety, lickety!

Why you crying? In a car accident? Punched by a stranger?

Or just baked?

I need to make a dozen brownies...

I'll need 100 pounds of weed.

Sure, I can pay for the pizza (cupcakes, Doritos, bail)


I'm acting normal right?

Right? RIGHT?