Pot lovers occasionally feel the need to proclaim their allegiance to the herb in sartorially creative ways. Here are a few cannabis costume ideas for Halloween-loving stoners.


For girls who want to bare it all on Halloween while proclaiming their stoner status, take inspiration from the ganja gals who’ve been crowned Miss HT.

2. Pot Activist

To emulate brave activists who have fought for pot-smokers’ rights, all you need is weed, the cojones to blaze in the face of authorities, and a nice suit.

3. Budtender

Sort of like being a “kissing booth” for Halloween… you just need to wear a table-full of jars stocked with pot, available to those who pay you in kind. You will WIN that party.

4. Cheech and Chong

Old-school; but if you and a friend manage to evoke this duo’s comedic stony heyday, you’ll get so many pot-brownie points. You’ll need suspenders, a bandana, and plenty of weed to share.

5. A Bag of Weed

You’ll be super-popular if your outfit is a giant bag of weed. However, your costume will be quickly depleted , and then you’ll just be wearing an empty plastic baggie.

6. Princess High the Cannabis Queen

Lady Gaga proclaimed her love for the green in 2012 as “Princess High, the Cannabis Queen”. It’s one of those make-any-idea-sexy costumes (Sexy toilet seat? Anyone? Anyone?)—but it sure looked good on her.

7. Narc

Required: Shifty eyes, constantly asking people around you if they know where you can buy a sheet of acid. Bonus: Camelbak, terrible hemp wristband, and an earpiece.

8. Hipster Stoner

If you’re a pot-smoking hipster, this one is eeeeeeasy. Perfect! Because you are a hipster stoner.

9. Here For the Stoners

You can be high, and you can look good to people who are high. It takes work, but it’s worth it.