Amsterdam is full of pot – pretty much anybody should be able to find smoke as soon as they leave Centraal Station... but then what?

Get your Cannabis Cup ticket, come to Europe and loiter at the spots that we frequent.

Here is a list of some of the best non-pot spots in Amsterdam...

1) AmsterBike
This is one of many bike rental spots in town – there may be one close to your hotel. Do yourself a favor and rent a bike as soon as you start your exploration. You will save enough on taxi fares to buy substantially more weed and hash.

2) Hemp Works
Stock up on all the things that you didn't bring on the plane... papers, pipes, lighters, bongs. Hemp Works is also a great place to buy a warm jacket and get gifts for your friends who couldn't make it to the Cup.

3) Skatepark Amsterdam
Bring your board... break something other than your mind on your trip to Europe (we hear Dutch hospitals are wonderful). This place is enormous, indoors and has a full service bar that you can ride your board right up to.

4) Borchland Golf Course
Get in a round of golf – the second most "stoner-friendly" activity after smoking weed.

5) Satellite Sportscafé
The International House of Dabcakes. Not the healthiest food in A'dam, but you can smoke hash at your table. This place has American sports on TV – sometimes you can have a dab and a pancake while watching NFL football at 2 in the morning... pure fantasy football fractalization heaven.

6) Wagamama
This city can run you down – it can be hard to stay on top of your nutritional needs with all the late nights and partying. This place offers a delicious, affordable and healthy meal.

7) Whiskey Bar
Many great nights here that no one can clearly remember. If you see a HIGH TIMES staffer here, we probably need help getting back to our hotel room.

8) Moulin Rouge
It's naughty time. This place is the not-as-adult-as-you-think adult entertainment spot. The infamous live sex show in Amsterdam is not as hardcore as it seems – it's actually a lot of fun. This place is not for everyone, but you will be shocked and amazed... bring your friends.

9) Powders Laundrette
Amsterdam is a dirty place, so make sure your suitcase is clean when you depart. This laundromat will take a suitcase full of dirty clothes off your hands and return a neatly packed suitcase full of clean clothes – all for a very reasonable price. There's a conveniently located coffeeshop across the street that you can chill at if you'd prefer to wash your own clothes.



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