Some just call it a hobby, others say it's a lifestyle. Whatever you decide, fans of marijuana can’t deny encountering these problems on a regular basis:

1.Budgeting for weed. As if rent and groceries weren’t enough.

2. The cost of candles/Febreeze/body spray you use to mask the ganja odor.

3. When friends or even worse, friends of friends, mooch off of you. Uh, no.

4. Becoming attached to your glass and literally mourning when one breaks. RIP Lord Blitzen.

5. The need to keep your kitchen stocked with appropriate munchies at all times.

6. Misplacing your lighter right when you’re about to light up. Again. Ain’t nobody got time for this!

7. Having weed on all of your clothes, in your bag and in your hair, then discovering the faux pas at an awkward time. Like at brunch with grandma.

8. Having your car smell like the inside of a bong, and enduring the look on people's faces as their ass hits the passenger seat.

9. The squinty stoner eyes and the vat of Visine needed to keep things in check.