Eighty pounds of baled marijuana were found on the beach at a popular surf spot north of Santa Cruz on Monday, with a wrecked motorboat in the waves nearby. Investigators believe that several hundred pounds more were smuggled ashore earlier that morning. Disappointed surfers were blocked from accessing the beach during the investigation, although a fortunate few remained in the water.

A beachgoer reported the 20-foot boat overturned in the shore break at Four Mile Beach. Cal Fire and State Parks rangers responded, discovering that one of the boat’s twin outboard motors had broken off, tumbling the craft into a northwest swell of six to eight-foot waves. No one was spotted near the vessel.

Authorities found four 20-pound bales of pot and six 12-gallon containers of gasoline on the beach. The Sheriff’s Office estimates the street value of the pot at $96,000. Sheriff’s deputy Ryan Kennedy told reporters, “This is lower-grade marijuana than we see in Santa Cruz.”

Authorities believe that the boat came from Mexico to drop the marijuana off to a vehicle awaiting the load, which may have been bound for other parts of California or the nation. No arrests have been made.