Having that one place to get stoned is great, but after awhile things can get boring, even when you're baked. They say to keep a relationship fresh by spicing it up with new things, so why not do the same with Mary Jane! Add these places to your smoking list and get ready to experience some crazy highs!

1. On the sugary white beaches in Jamaica -- it is the most relaxing place, right? Bob Marley had the right idea. Don’t forget to take a dip, it is the Caribbean, after all.

2.  Under a night sky filled with the Northern Lights -- romantic and one of the most beautiful natural occurrences in the world. Grab a blanket and get ready to be inspired.

3. At a concert of your favorite band -- where memories will last forever. If you can remember at all, that is.

4. On the roof of a building in New York City -- take in the view of that city -- all those lights and people! Like, where are they all going?

5. When camping in the woods – because nature and weed go hand in hand. And have you ever looked up at the sun through trees when really high? Amazing! And then you can make s'mores.

6. The Metropolitan Museum of Art -- things are gonna get real deep, real fast. Or real confusing. Or real clear!

7. During a sunset or sunrise in the Grand Canyon -- appreciate the sky’s natural beauty and then trip out on it.

8. Your couch! A classic -- close to your kitchen and damn, is it comfy!