Stoners love to talk about flowers, hash and concentrates in loving terms that foodies are very familiar with: aroma, consistency, flavor profile, and general deliciousness. High Times did some research into one of the most delectable foods on earth – cheese -- and how the many forms of our favorite plant measure up to the various kinds of cheese we love.

1. Fresh:
Fresh cheese, such as Wisconsin curd cheese that’s best enjoyed melted onto poutine (wassup, Quebecois stoners?) can perhaps find its cannabis cousin in new strains that have yet to ascend to sensi super-stardom. Novice strains like Sanjay Gupta, Peyton (and Eli) Manning, and Purple Tragic are greenhorns on the weed scene, but their freshness, desire to please and their delighting of tokers’ palates can’t be denied.

2. Soft and Hard:
Hash, the centuries-old pot product made from compressed kief, is found in many forms, just like cheese. It ranges from being golden, soft and malleable to black, tough and needing to be cut with a knife. We love it in all its iterations -- Moroccan hand-rubbed resin, Charas and a relatively recent innovation: ice-water extracted hash, made with a micron-screen bag, ice and a good old-fashioned washing machine.

3. Creamy:
High Times US Cannabis Cup winner Kush Creams took marijuana to a moisturizing extreme by infusing cannabis oils into its luscious lotions and bath products. However, if you’re looking for an inhalable or edible strain that’s rich and delicious, try Ice Cream, Purple Cream or the famously thick, sweet and buttery smoke of Strawberry Cough.

4. Blue:
While the word mold strikes fear into every grower’s heart, it’s a beautiful word to cheesemongers who create veiny blue cakes of delectable dairy by infusing desired mold strains into their cheeses. Pot strains like Blue Cheese, Chiesel and Sour Cheese are perfect for folks who love their dank with a touch of stank.

5. Brined:
Just like marijuana concentrates, brined cheeses can be soft or hard and vary in moisture content, color and flavor, according to the type of milk (or extraction process, in the case of concentrates) used. And as is the case with any cheese, the quality of oil, wax or shatter is dependent on the flowers that are sourced. “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -- Plato

6. Processed:
Who doesn’t love a late-night trip to Taco Bell? That said, who loves themselves when they wake up covered in crumbs from an ill-fated binge on a substance that was clearly beneath them? No one wants to smoke schwag -- we all know you just had a moment of weakness, or maybe nothing else was available. So, our advice to you is: Avoid schwag if you can, and stock up on good pot. In the meantime, we’re not judging you (maybe a little).

7. Aged:
Aged Gouda and many other deeply aged, hard cheeses have salty crystals that are a gourmet counterpart to trichome-laden buds. If you’re one of the fortunate few, you should pick up the beautiful pot that you’re about to enjoy, pair it with a sweet and stinky piece of cheese, and count your lucky stars. You, dear friend, are a true canna-sseur.