Since storming the world box office back in 2004, Soul Plane has cemented its place in larger world culture, becoming perhaps the pivotal cinematic event of the first decade of the new millennium. Today, for no particular reason, we’re celebrating the film that changed our lives. If you’re high enough, it might change yours, too.

1. Snoop Dogg Plays a Pilot

Former HIGH TIMES Stoner of the Year and marijuana ambassador Snoop Dogg subtly evokes the intricate mental workings of a first time pilot in Soul Plane. Blunts are smoked. More blunts are smoked. Some shrooms come out. Snoop apparently dies, dramatic action ensues, etc. Typical day for the Lion.

2. Godfrey Plays a Copilot

And gives Snoop said mushrooms. Unable to replicate the raw dramatic investment he produced for his role in Soul Plane, Godfrey disappeared from the cultural consciousness for the next decade, returning solely for the occasional screening of Zoolander.

3. Really “White” White People

Tom Arnold stars. ‘Nuff said.

4. Hot Tubs (On a Plane!)

Yes, we know that this is not the Soul Plane hot tub. It should be been, though! Seriously, this is what first class should actually look like. On a different note, why is it difficult to find videos of particular scenes from Soul Plane? Is that not something people do, watch individual clips from Soul Plane?

5. Sofia Vergara

Hot girl Vergara. "Modern Family." Exemplary clip.

6. Music by RZA

Seriously though, RZA and some other rap heavyweights show up on the soundtrack for a few original songs that are great. And most of the other songs used for the movie are not “Ignition (Remix)," but one of them is. So there’s that.

7. Pre-Oscar Monique

Before playing Precious’s mom, throwing frying pans at Gabourey Sidibe, etc. -- i.e. before winning her Oscar -- Monique was pitch perfect as a TSA-ish employee who uses her immense power and responsibility to sexually assault attractive black men. Other shenanigans also ensue. That she might yet again soar to such soulful heights in her esteemed acting career, we may merely pray.