Plants grown hydroponically exhibit explosive growth rates when all the factors are properly in place. Although hydro growing is less forgiving than soil, it’s more rewarding when done right. The grower must ensure that light, nutrient solution, carbon dioxide and oxygen are present in the proper amounts at all times or else the system breaks down quickly, resulting in slowed growth and even death for your plants. However, growers with more of a technical background and less “green thumb” farming experience love hydroponics for the fact that it’s easy to monitor and results in plants can practically be seen exploding with growth before your very eyes.

Oxygen Pot Systems
Six-pot systems start at $523.99

We chose these buckets for the cover of this hydro issue because they take DWC to the next level with optimum oxygenation and perfect drainage.

Vermicrop Gold Label HydroCorn

By far the highest-quality grow rocks we’ve seen, the hydroCorns can be used in harvest after harvest, so long as they’re properly cleaned.

Supercloner 50-Plant Hydroponic Grow System

Rapid cloning is essential for a productive hydroponic garden and these units induce roots within a week and take up only 28" x 6" of space. Faster rooting means stronger plants in less time.

The Stacker

This two-chambered, LED-lit grow box provides the best in stealth combined with energy efficiency and the ability to harvest perpetually. a premium unit for hydro growers with a little extra cash to spend.

Hydro-Logic Stealth 200 Reverse-Osmosis System

Starting with pure water instead of tap increases your chances of success exponentially. That’s why a good reverse-osmosis (RO) filter is ideal, and this one is not only affordable, but it purifies up to 200 gallons per day.

Vertex Vertical Garden
Starting at $899

One of the best ways to increase yield per square foot is to go vertical, and these fully adjustable 72-plant systems are versatile and easy to set up and take down. (Use coupon code HIGHTIMES for a free grow tent and 50% off shipping.)

HydroRush Water Treatment Additive
Starting at $29.99

This amazing elixir stimulates microbial growth in your reservoir by releasing oxygen that’s made available to the roots, whitening them and keeping them healthy and strong.