On this internationally recognized day of love and romance, those of us going through a break-up can feel a little left out. Here are six ways pot will help soothe your wounded soul. HIGH TIMES loves you!

ENG (Extreme Navel Gazing)

Don’t spend another moment thinking about your broken heart -- get really, really stoned and practice Extreme Navel Gazing. A form of mental yoga, ENG sends your inner gaze aaaaaall the way into your consciousness, using your navel as a portal! Ponder the path you're on, the choices you've made, your discarded dreams. Make a pact with yourself to learn fire spinning. You won't be thinking about anyone but yourself.

Cleaning your house

You could spend your day sobbing on the couch or drinking copious amounts of whiskey and listening to the Hold Steady, but with with a nice, uplifting sativa, you can find yourself drawn to a productive endeavor that’s fun when you're high! Unclog that drain! Chase down those dust bunnies! Reorganize your closet by color and ponder your sartorial choices. Why did you buy that burgundy pantsuit again?

Listening to music

Instead of putting on Dave Matthew's “Crash” or Rihanna's “Stay” or whatever song you usually listen to while rolling around on the bed and wailing to like a cat with digestive issues, get baked and listen to some motherfucking Led Zepplin. Like, have you ever HEARD Houses of the Holy? Or try some Rachmaninov! That guy knew how to compose, for reals.

Spending time alone

You're afraid of being lonely so you fill up your calendar with social events that you don’t really enjoy. You fucking hate cooking club. So tonight, stay home. Smoke a bowl, pop some popcorn and watch a movie instead. You'll feel stronger and more independent for having done so, and watching a movie by yourself can't be beat: you can do it in your underwear and talk back to the screen!

Rediscovering your hotness

Just about everyone agrees that pot makes sex better. That goes for when you're on your own, too! Have a hot night in. Light a joint, and then some candles. Put on some Sade (or Black Sabbath, whatever gets you going). Run a hot bath... You get the idea. You deserve to feel good. You really do.

Finding things funny

When your heart is in approximately one million pieces, it's hard to believe you'll ever crack a smile again. A surefire way to get a case of the giggles and release some serotonin is to get stoned and watch silly videos. Go down that Internet wormhole: Figure skaters farting! The HIGH TIMES best 5 Vids to Watch When Baked! You’ll feel sooooo much better after a good laugh.