When we get a hankering after a toke sesh, we know its munchies time. However, the journey to finding grub to satisfy that craving isn’t always so easy! Or is it? The highs and lows of having the munchies:

1. Worst: You need to get off the couch.

2. Best: Whatever you eat will taste like the Best. Thing. Ever.

3. Worst: Cooking takes time and energy. Ordering food takes money. If you’re out of cereal and cash, you’re SOL.

4. Best: Cleaning out your fridge has never been easier! Just stay away from that stuff growing hair.

5. Worst: Waiting for delivery is like watching paint dry. Why does it take soooooo looooong?

6. Best: Satisfaction is almost guaranteed no matter what you eat. Go get your nom on!