Photo by Robert Barboor

Anyone who has attended a concert can tell you that most end up as a hot box. It’s no secret that pot and live music are the best of cannabis combos, but it’s often a challenge to find the right time and place. Here’s a guide to get you in the know.

1. Do Some Research
If you’re asking if it’s safe to smoke at a venue, you’re off to the right start. Ask around, because chances are someone you know has been to the venue before. Sometimes you can get your questions answered on Yelp: smart stoners use the site to share primo places. 

2. Don’t Go Overboard
When getting ready for the show, remember that a pat down is probably waiting for you at the door. It’s safer to assume that you’ll be asked to empty your pockets rather than hope for the best. Most of the time, security is looking for weapons, but if they find your weed, don’t expect it back. To combat this inconvenience, it’s advised that you either roll a few doobies or bring a cheap small piece with some herb to pack. A one-hitter and a gram gets the job done, but if you don’t want to constantly repack a piece, rolling you herb might be your best bet. Where you put your stash depends on the intensity of the pat down, but typically the crotch area or a sock is safe. Remember that the less bulk on your person, the less hassle you’ll get. 

3. Location, Location, Location
Once you’ve gotten in the door, it’s time to secure a place to keep out of harm's way. If the show is general admission, aim for the center of the crowd since it’s the least likely place to encounter security. Get yourself in a comfortable space and get ready for the show to begin.

4. Let The Show Begin
Just because you managed to get your supplies in the door doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Don’t start before the band does, unless you want everyone to notice you. Once the lights go down, it’s a different story.

5. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
The art of finding a time and place can be very easy, if you just use common sense. If things are pretty calm and you can’t notice any clouds right away, take your time. It’s wiser to let another brave soul be the first guy, especially if they’re cracking down on smokers. If you stay aware, there’s nothing stopping you from kicking back and enjoying the show.