North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has decreed that his 12 million countrymen adopt his decidedly unflattering hairdo. The “Un and only” haircut, dubbed “The Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un” is simple: Short, parted in the center, and buzzed to the skin above both ears. Not exactly sexy.

Fortunately, the conservative and controlling country is surprisingly tolerant of weed-smoking; pot is a casual, cheap escape from an otherwise tightly regulated life. North Korean men, grab your bongs: Here are our suggestions for five strains to help you forget that you have a really, really dumb haircut.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

You will not give a fuck what your hair looks like, or that you have the same haircut as every other man in the country, after smoking this euphoric, sagey sativa.

Fucking Incredible

Pack a bowl of classic Fucking Incredible before you look in the mirror, and you might even think your goofy haircut looks stylish.

Mr. Nice

Sweet, indica-dominant Mr. Nice will have you feeling peachy, even though you look totally stupid.

God's Gift

Uber-potent and pungent God's Gift will restore your confidence and get you hitting on chicks again; lucky North Korean ladies have 18 hairstyles to choose from!

Pot of Gold

Relieve your hair-related stress and depression with fruity, hashy Pot of Gold; dream that, somewhere over the rainbow, Kim Jong-Un will update his look so you can too.