Let's face it, the majority of those resolutions you made on January 1, 2014 (and 2013, 2012, 2011...) haven't been set in stone. We always find a way to conveniently forget about them or change the goal to meet our own needs throughout the year. Why not make some New Year's resolutions that can be kept happily and dutifully?

Here are 5 Stoner Resolutions that will properly propel you into a new year!

1. Grow your herb and smoke it too!
If you have never grown your own herb, stop right here. This is the year for you to experiment growing your first bud and enjoying the singular pleasure of smoking your own yield. Consider easy buds for busy people to start you off.

If you're experienced growers like us, why not take this year to experiment with a new strain or a different technique for growing? Never tried growing haze? Start here. Always grow your buds outdoors? Try a basic closet-grow for a change.

2. Become a better advocate for marijuana
There's a lot more to being an advocate for marijuana legalization than just smoking and marching around your town lawmaker's lawn. It's a battle of ideas and research -- lobbyists and advocates need to be trained. Read more about becoming a better local advocate for your city or state here.

3. Try something new
I don't care if you smoke once a day or once a year, try something new! There's such a plethora of new ways to ingest THC that it's mindblowing. Vape, bake, cook, try some solventless hash, find a new concentrate, drink some marijuana-infused lemonade. The world (i.e. Colorado, Washington, and your drug dealers basement) is your oyster.

4. Exercise...high!
Studies show that you can toke up to tone up, so get to it! There's no better way to enjoy the gym than with a little THC in your system. Put the donuts down and throw around some iron instead!

5. Smoke. More. Marijuana.
2013 was good for marijuana, but 2014 will be great. Keep doing what you do, and keep building community with us.

Happy New Year!