If you're on or near the East Coast of the United States today you are more than likely experiencing a snow day...or very upset that you're at work right now. For all of you stoners lucky enough to be in the warmth of your living rooms, here are a few activities to entertain you as the storm passes.

1. Tackle the hardships of taking your dog out in the snow (i.e. putting them in dog-pants)

Look, no one is happy about it -- not you, and certainly not your dog. The minute you get the pants on it's like you dog has lost the ability to walk. They're sniffing their butts, doing doggie yoga with their back feet trying to drag the pants over their heads, and looking at you with a mix of anger and helplessness. You can forget about any chance of them going to the bathroom.

But on the other hand, what's better than getting the last laugh on your canine companion and taking a picture of them in such a compromised position?

2. Make a snow-bong

Who needs snowmen when you can make a snow-bong?!

3. Make a batch of bubble hash

Make some bubble hash at home using wet, trimmed sugar leaves, water and ice (i.e. snow). Get started now!

4. Have Fido learn the meaning of "mush"

It's no fun having to figure out how you're getting to the corner store for some snacks...that is unless...

5. Finish the night off with a Snowcap

Just look at it! It's a beautiful strain and gives you a pure satvia high.