That moment on the couch, when every part of your being is relaxed. The only thing that can make a perfect high better is watching something that is just right: the outrageously funny piece of media that makes the evening and creates inside jokes for you and friends. Here, we present you with five such musical nuggets:

Creed -- "You Sh!t Here With Me"

Easily and obviously the single greatest recording Creed has ever produced, “You Shit Here With Me” is actually the third iteration in the Grammy-winning Creed shreds series. You can’t really understand shit that Scott Alan Stapp is saying, but Scott communicates on a higher plane than most of us anyway. The deeper meaning here shines through. Something about shitting on or next to a loved one as a sign of affection. You know. For some more insight into Stapp’s inner monologue, check out his career-defining appearance on some poker show.

Radiohead -- "Shreds"

For what are most likely copyright-related reasons, this video was taken down from YouTube a while back. Luckily the internet is a magical place where things never actually die, and where great bands like Radiohead can be made to look really dumb. Oh, and here’s Radiohead on pot.

Van Halen -- Running with the Devil/Vocals Only

To be completely honest, this isn’t really a video. It is, however, the best thing ever to come out of Van Halen. With all that fussy guitar out of the way, David Lee Roth’s shrieks are able to shine through the silence, searing into listeners’ minds the exact sounds they might have heard had they fucked David Lee Roth in the '80s.

Is Tropical -- "Dancing Anymore"

Masturbation is hilarious. You know it. I know it. Is Tropical know it. It’s also a mortal sin, and the fiery pit of hell awaits all the depraved delinquents who decide to desecrate God’s temple by doing…it. On a more serious note, don’t masturbate or you’ll go to hell.

LFO – Girl on TV

The crowned kings of '90s boy bands? The Lyte Funkie Ones. Why “Girl on TV” as opposed to, say, "Summer Girls?" Why not both. Billy Shakespeare and his love for writing a whole bunch of sonnets, Paul Revere -- according to LFO, a good man in his time -- Home Alone star Macauley Culkin: all these and others LFO frontman Rich Cronin mentions offhandedly no real reason. Nothing could be more '90s. Except Rich Cronin dating Jennifer Love Hewitt and writing a song about it. That happened too,