While legal, these items seem to pose a far great threat to civilized community members than a little weed here and there. Check out a few things that are more legal than pot, and also a lot more dangerous:

Item: Grenade Launchers
Dangers: Southern militiamen with said grenade launchers.


Item: Cigarettes 
Dangers: Causes more than 440,000 deaths annually. What more needs to be said?


Item: Aspartame
Dangers: Originally developed as a rat poison, this common sweetener (i.e. coffee poison) is rumored to have qualities that cause cancer, seizures, and brain tumors. Funny, marijuana has been proven to aid all of those ailments.


Item: Salvia
Dangers: 30 seconds of fear, terror, and panic that feels like it lasts for 30 minutes. I just want to get high, not have an out-of-body experience!


Item: Being a famous asshole under 21
Dangers: Justin Bieber...