Coachella is coming and judging by the full 2014 lineup it looks like this year will be another one for the history books. Check out five facts below that will blow your mind (both mentally and physically) this year at Coachella:

1. Big Boi and Andre 3000 are reuniting as Outkast to headline Coachella. Their last major project together was Idlewild in 2006; will we see a new album soon?


2. Coachella has been the catalyst for bringing groups back together many a year and this year is full of more examples. Aside from Outkast, there is also The Replacements. The rockers got back together a couple of months ago and will be making their return to the West Coast live at Coachella.


3. Coachella is in a desert. As such, temperatures have ranged anywhere from 41 degrees to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare accordingly.


4. Molly...It'll literally blow your mind. This year's E Zoo got shut down because of the deaths it caused, so stick to the ganja and pass that blunt!



5. Nearly 200,000 people go out to California for Coachella and tickets sell out FAST despite the fact that they cost many hundreds of dollars depending on a number of factors. So if you're planning to go, stop blazing for two minutes and do something about it!