Florida post-hardcore ragers Frameworks found themselves in L.A. for the first time this winter -- the band were there to record their debut album for Topshelf Records. In between laying down tracks of blistering guitar and cauterized vocals, they got down to the important business of melting their own faces off from the inside out. Here, they sample and rate five of the dopest edibles the City of Angels has to offer. They did it for YOU, dude.


BaKed Lollipop

Cory: Tasted like a tootsie pop. How many licks does it take to get to the center of me being fucked up? Five.
Andy: Hanging out down the street same old thing we did last week not a thing to do but talk to you we're alright we're alright hello Wisconsin.


Auntie Dolores Medical Cannabis Savory Pretzels

Andy: I wish there wasn't weed in these because they're hella tasty and I want to eat bunches more.
Matt: Taste like fi


Cheeba Chews 

Ryan: Tasted like a Tootsie Roll. Easy to digest. Made me feel tight.
Cory: I've never been so high in my life! A half of one gets you set.


BaKed XXX Killer Fish

Cory: Salty, cheesy, and very weedy. "XXX Killer Fish" are a true treat. Very tasty. Keeps up with the flavors of the original. Love it and feeling baked.
Andy: Caused our tour manager (first time weed eater) to black out.


Chronic Tonic Orange Orbit 

Ryan: A sweet blend of cannabis and orange flavoring. The taste of chronic was apparent, however it was not overbearing. There was a slight carbonated fizz as well.