Beneath the rugged beauty of Sierra Blanca, Texas, is a border patrol checkpoint that busts an amazing number of musicians and actors for possession. Luckily, the federal government doesn’t provide enough funding for Sierra Blanca to prosecute the vast majority of cases, many get off with just petty fines. For a more in-depth story on Sierra Blanca and the border patrol, check out this HT piece.

1. Willie Nelson

The icon was busted in 2010 for possession of a lot weed that mysteriously shrank from more than a quarter pound -- a felonious amount -- to less than a quarter pound.

2. Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion spoke up for Willie Nelson following his friend’s arrest in Sierra Blanca, but apparently he didn’t learn much from Nelson’s ordeal. Snoop followed Willie into the clink -- well, really he just paid a fine…like Nelson -- a little over a year after police busted the country great

3. Armie Hammer

The Lone Ranger star was busted in 2012 for possession of an embarrassingly small amount of marijuana and a few edibles. Since he didn’t have enough bud on him to qualify for a felony, nothing happened

4. Fiona Apple

Border Patrol busted Fiona with a few grams of weed and hash last year. Unfortunately for the immensely talented singer-songwriter, she had to pay a bit more than her fellow celebrities: her bond was reportedly $10,000

5. Nelly

The ugliest Sierra Blanca bust occurred just a couple weeks after Fiona Apple’s arrest. Nelly’s bodyguard took the blame for the 10 pounds of weed and 36 baggies of heroin found on the bus -- and by all accounts they really were his. Hopefully celebrities have learned by this point: go through Colorado!