It is possible the business name was meant to attract stoners looking to use tax refunds to finance fat sacks of weed, but then again, maybe it was intended to be a clever storefront calling card for the procrastinating taxpayer needing to file a return five days past the mid-April deadline.

Regardless of the proprietors intentions, New York City police say they had reason to believe the owner of a Bronx tax preparation business called 420 Multi Services, Inc. was operating an underground weed slinging operation, with the bulk of their suspicion embedded in the idea that the number “420” is commonly associated with the marijuana culture.

Although the business had operated in their neighborhood without incident for the past decade, an undercover NYPD narcotics officer felt it necessary to run surveillance on the establishment during its busy season -- reportedly witnessing the owner and several employees handling a bag of marijuana through the front window sometime last week, according to reports.

Of course, this excuse for probable cause was enough to unleash the narco hounds, and soon the IRS along with a pack of wild-eyed drug enforcement agents were kicking down their doors in hopes of uncovering evidence of an illegal drug ring.

Yet, during the search, all authorities managed to find were seven baggies with a total of two ounces of marijuana, a pipe and a metal grinder. There were no scales or anything else for cops to bust other than a community service managed by die-hard pot smokers.

That did not stop the narcs from bringing the hammer down and busting owner Michael Thomas and three of his employees on several charges, including criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana. They have all since posted bond and are due back in court on Friday.

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