Marijuana activists gave out free joints yesterday in Denver to protest plans to tax pot sales.

Upset about proposed taxes on recreational marijuana, organizers protested by passing out more than 4,000 marijuana cigarettes during Monday’s anti-Proposition AA rally in Denver.

The protesters said Amendment 64 legalized the use of recreational marijuana in private for those 21 and over and it should be taxed the same rate as alcohol, not tobacco.

"The marijuana industry wants to pay taxes and supports these issues very well, but these measures would simply be too far and out of reach for people who consume marijuana," protester Miguel Lopez told Fox News.

Lopez, who believes the industry is already overtaxed and over regulated, supervised a joint-rolling session at a Denver park on Sunday afternoon. He said then that Monday’s marijuana distribution would help demonstrate that an untaxed black market in pot could flourish if Proposition AA is passed in November.