We all have those moments when we think, "Why am I living my life like this? How did I get here?" And then there are those moments made possible by your favorite medication that make it all worth living. Here are a few of those moments!

Toking up and working out!

That's right, you can smoke one, work out and even get better results...and ultimately more high

Growing a strain of marijuana that can be respected and judged to be better than other strains by an authority on all things weed. In America.

Not to toot our our own horn here, but could you have ever imagined that you'd be able to go to a sanctioned Cannabis Cup in America where you can try different strains, present your own findings, and come together as a toker community?

Rolling a flawless, perfect joint...

Nothing better

Finding out someone you know is a pothead when you thought they weren't...especiialy if they're hot.

Hello Miss High Times!