Ahhhhhh...smell that air? I love the great outdoors! Long sigh ... I'm so glad we did this.

Wait! Everyone stop what your doing...there is no WAY we're setting up this camp without a rrrriiiiiiippppp! Where is the bong??


And NO dammit! Put that pipe DOWN. We are in the woods and we will be self sufficient and MAKE A BONG! I have a pineapple and um...a cucumber?

Well, uh, that doesn't make...wait. Holy shit! That's a thing?? Dear internet, I love you.

What are you eating? Is that...Pringles? It's not called a TUBE of Pringles for nothing!

Wait...do you have FOUR cans of Pringles?? OH, this is happening.

Wait a second...Is it snowing??

Put on your mittens! It's time to get to WORK.

Ah! Got it! A GRAVITY BONG! You: chug that Orange Crush! You: chug that cranapple juice!

I don't even know why we brought that glass bong in the first place - a gravity bong people! A. Gravity. Bong.

Forget setting up. Let's go on a HIKE!!!