Many visitors to Amsterdam tend to forget that even in this city of sin there are still rules and etiquette that need abiding. For one, most coffeeshops are not permitted to serve alcohol. However, there are one or two exceptions. And there are certainly bars where weed is allowed to be smoked… some are even right next door to their own coffeeshop -- talk about convenient (and smart). Here’s a short list of places to spend long nights:


Batavia on Prince Hendrikkade (right across from Centraal Station and around the corner from Stone’s Coffeeshop). A great place for English breakfast, a pint of Guinness and a fat spliff. Go downstairs and get a view of the canal while you chill.

The Winston

The Winston at Warmoesstraat 129, right in the heart of the Red Light District. This nightclub sells alcohol, not weed, but is surrounded by coffeeshops and allows patrons to light up while drinking, lounging on the patio or shooting pool. Also, a hot night spot for great DJs and music.

Hunter's Bar

Hunter’s Bar & Coffeeshop, one of the few coffeeshops that does serve alcohol. On top of that, they have AC for summertime visitors and boast over 18 strains of goodness to go along with their long bar. Chem Dawg, Kali Mist and Blue Cheese are a few popular names on the menu. Located at Warmoesstraat 35 near Centraal Station.

The Bulldog Café

The Bulldog Café located in the Red Light District has a full bar, coffeeshop where you can buy herb and a full kitchen. That’s three-in-one.