Today is opening day at the 26th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and while temperatures are chilly, the warm hearts of stoners are blissful. Yesterday, the coffee shops in and around Amsterdam's center were overflowing with smokers of all nationalities.

It was a rare day in the city this time of year, with blue skies and temps in the 50. Walking was a joy:

We popped into Barney's Lounge for a smoke:

The budtenders were lovely, friendly and helpful:

The Bushdoctor had a High Times Cannabis Cup poster in the window:

In between the coffee shops, we took in the sites. The streets are teeming with fun-seekers of all sorts, but the canals and large sky gives the feeling of space regardless:

The Old Church has style galore and a vast selection of flowers and hash:

As the sun started to set, the city became impossibly more beautiful. The squares were especially nice:

The folks at HF Coffee Shop were wonderful, and pointed us home: